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When are you open?

Both haunted attractions are open on Fridays and Saturdays.

Oct. 2nd/3rd and Oct. 9th/10th
8 pm to 11 pm

Oct. 16th/17th – Oct 30th/31st
8 pm to 12 pm


I can't come out on the night I scheduled - can I still use my ticket?

Yes. While your online ticket is for a scheduled time, we’re happy to work with you in the event you can’t come at the schedule time.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. You can order tickets online or call ahead to see if walk-in tickets are available. We can process your transaction at the door with cash or credit.

How long does the haunted attraction take?
It depends on how fast you run.*

* About 20-30 minutes, depending on your experience which varies each time! Please don’t actually run.

Are children allowed to go through the haunted attraction?
We consider the haunt to be PG-13.

Children under 6 are not permitted.

Ages 6-13 is at parent’s discretion.

Do I need to sign a waiver?
No. By purchasing a ticket, you are agreeing to our rules and terms.
Where is the haunted attraction located?

In old poultry housing at CATHIS Farm– look for the red farm gates.

544 Falcon Road, Lillington, NC

What should I wear?

We recommend tennis shoes/sneakers, or another sturdy footwear that’s comfortable to walk and be active in, including in mud and puddles, and clothing that can be easily washed at home.

Are you the same Devil's Playground Haunt from Linden?
We are indeed. Our location in Linden became unavailable after the 2016 season, so we hosted at the Dogwood Festival in 2017, and opened our new permanent location in Lillington (Mamers) area in 2018.
Will I be outside?

Once you’re in the queue for the Hellfire Resort haunted attraction, you’ll be inside from queue to exit.

The Hell’s Gate haunted attraction is entirely outside, from queue line through the attraction.

Our attractions are on a working farm, so there may be mud, bugs, and other outdoor annoyances. Dress accordingly.

Can I be a haunt actor?
Maybe. Contact us and we’ll set up a meeting, and follow us on social for word on the next open house.