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Devil´s Playground STORY

Welcome to the Devil´s Playground! Times are tough all around and now, even the Devil is helping his bottom line by getting into the travel game.

The Devil´s Playground, where all manner of monsters like to come out and play, is fiery fun for the whole family. (For their safety, we recommend travelers over the age of 12 only.)

Visitors can start their trip to Hell right here in Linden NC. Service to the Devil´s Playground begins on Saturday, September 27th and runs every Friday and Saturday through November 1st. We begin boarding passengers through Gate 666 just after 7pm.

Please note: Passengers will be issued a one-way boarding pass with their purchase. Your best chance at a same-day return trip will be to out-run your fellow passengers. Some travelers may find themselves unwillingly upgraded to an extended stay*.

*Extended stays generally range from a few weeks to eternity.

We know you have a number of choices in how you get to Hell and we do appreciate you choosing to travel with us. So, this holiday season (Halloween, of course), travel with us to the newest and hottest haunted attraction around for a creep-tastically good time!


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